LED Bulbs & Electrical Supplies for West Los Angeles, CA

Here at Koontz Hardware, we are a hardware store that offers products in a variety of categories, including electrical, housewares and paint. One of the best aspects of our business is the large inventory that we have for all of our products. The electric products that we have on hand can be divided into two categories: electric and lighting products and electrical and lighting accessories.
When it comes to these products and accessories, we make sure to store only high-quality brands, and we do our best to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchases. The electrical and lighting products we offer at our retail hardware and housewares store include daylight bulbs, night lights, specialty halogen lights, energy-efficient fluorescent lights, LED lights, fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

As for our electrical and lighting accessories, when you shop at Koontz Hardware, you can choose from our wide selection of cords, plugs, fuses, adapters, batteries and audiovisual cords. If you are unsure of which electrical product is best for you, we will identify which products correspond with your exact needs. If you have any questions about the products we offer, our customer service representatives are on hand at all times to properly answer any question you may have. Contact us anytime at (310) 652-0123.
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